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Thongtara House – A Hotel Like a Fairytale in Samut Prakan

Written by Tony the Thai Traveler.
Source from: NEMOGUIDES


thongtara house
That’s what you can call a cool room to stay. No arctic sleeping bag needed, though.


Amidst all the chaos and congestion of Bangkok, lies the neighboring province of Samut Prakan. Travelers often overlook this area, which is why you’ll rarely encounter foreigners and tourist here. Little do they know that Samut Prakan is rich in historical and cultural spots, a place that should be in every curious traveler’s list of places to visit.

As with all journeys, there’s always a need for a place to kick those shoes off to relax and rewind. You won’t need to look any further, as we’ve found a hidden gem of a guesthouse that offers some unforgettable experiences.

Thongtara House Boutique Residence is a newly established, family run hotel that accommodates its guests with the most welcoming and gracious feelings. Just as their slogan says: “Thongtara House Treats You Like Family”; and that is exactly the treatment you’ll get!

Thongtara House makes also an exciting staycation for those Bangkok residents, who wish to get away from the city for a weekend, and experience something surprising and different.

Want to sleep amongst the polar bears? Or in the middle of dolphins like a real mermaid? Thongtara is the right place for you.

thongtara house
Dolphins are the man’s best friend, right?

Fantastic Rooms and Hospitality at Thongtara House

Feel the orange.
Feel the orange.

If you’re wondering what “Thongtara” means, it translates to Golden Water. It correlates to the color of the building, which stands out as a golden orangey tone, and amongst all of that, lies the blue salt watered pool, which represents the water aspect of the name.

First impressions of the place makes you ponder if you’re on an island resort of some kind. The attention to details throughout the hotel, especially all of the woodwork, shows the creativity and passion of its owners.

Stepping inside the rooms is like entering an alternative reality. Guests have the option to choose from variously themed rooms such as the Alice in Wonderland inspired room, all the way to the Next Frontier of the Galaxy room.

What makes each of the rooms special is the hand painted artistry that tricks your eyes and mind will gaze around you.

Out of all of their 17 individually themed rooms, your choice becomes endless to choose from, as each room has its very own look and feel. Needless to say, you won’t be disappointed in any decision you make.


Thongtara’s Home Style Cooking

Hungry? No worries! Thongtara has you covered with their home style cooking. You won’t find those fancy 5-stary dishes whose name you have no idea how pronounce in here, instead it’s the type of dining that closely resembles “mum’s cooking” – and as everyone knows that is the best dining experience one can ever have!

Pool and gym? Check

In addition to the pool, the hotel also facilitates its tenants with an in-house gym. It may not have all the facilities of a commercial gym, however, it sure does feel like it’s a private gym of your own!


A little bit traditional room.
A little bit traditional room.

All that Samut Prakan Has to Offer

So what else does Thongtara House have to offer? At your convenience, the hotel has their very own chauffeur service available to take you and your entourage to your chosen destination.

The owners can also give you great tips what to do and where to go in Samut Prakan, since they have lived in the neighborhood all their lives and know the place like the back of their hands.

Considering your stay at their “home”, they will make you feel like family by taking you to places that they prefer to go, exclusively in terms of dining experience – they know the best of the best places!

Some of the highlighted attractions of Samut Prakan that may tickle your fancy would be the Ancient City (Muang Boran), the Erawan Museum, Asokaram Temple, and the Crocodile Farm & Zoo.

For those looking for a lost kingdom.
Watch out for that forest elf stepping to your dreams.

Shopping Galore in Samut Prakan

Shopaholics don’t need to feel distressed either, as there is something for everyone within close proximity. For shopping malls there are Central Bangna, Mega Bangna, Seacon Square and Paradise Park, and especially not to be missed is the trendy and hip Talat Rot Fai (Train market).

Great Golf Courses at Your Doorstep

For the golfers out there, the greens await you at Thana City Golf & Sports Club, Summit Windmill Golf Club, and Muang Kaew Golf Course.


Thongtara – Hotel Close to Suvarnabhumi Airport

All in all, Thongtara House Boutique Residence is the perfect choice for those wishing to stay just on the outskirts of Bangkok City. The atmospheric experience here is serene and tranquil with no disturbance.

Its location is ideal for traveling, as the hotel is situated near Suvarnabhumi International Airport.

But the critical vital of this place is how they welcome you with open arms, making you feel like part of the family – this is what makes them stand out from the rest!